Antique Moorland Landscape Paintings

Antique paintings and pictures of Dartmoor and other moorland scenes by various Westcountry artists.
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Frederick John Widgery, Dartmoor Cattle and Sheep, gouache, 257 x 360mm, £1745.00

Frederick John Widgery- Dartmoor Cattle and Sheep- Gouache
Frederick John Widgery, Dartmoor River (pos. near Tavy Cleave), gouache, 250 x 355, £1750 Frederick John Widgery - Possibly Tavy Cleave
Frederick John Widgery,
Near Princetown, Dartmoor
, gouache, 252 x 344mm oval, £1750.
Near Princetown Dartmoor

Frederick John Widgery, On the Lyd, Dartmoor, gouache, 245 x 343mm oval, £1595.00

Frederick John Widgery- On the Lyd- Dartmoor- Gouache

Frederick John Widgery, The Moors Nr. Yes Tor, Dartmoor, gouache, 185 x 280mm, £1795.00

Frederick John Widgery- The Moors- Nr Yes Tor- Dartmoor- Gouache
Frederick John Widgery, Black Tor Dartmoor, gouache, 260 x 358mm, £1750. F. J. Widgery - Black Tor

George Henry Jenkins, Dartmoor River with Cattle (possibly R. Lyd), oil on canvas, 290 x 490mm, £965

George Henry Jenkins - possibly River Lyd

Herbert William Hicks, Near the Warren House Inn, Dartmoor, gouache, 150 x 325mm, £395.00

Herbert William Hicks- Near the Warren House Inn- Dartmoor- Gouache

John Shapland, Taw Marsh, Dartmoor, watercolour, 140 x 230mm, SOLD

John Shapland - Taw Marsh-Dartmoor-Watercolour
Morrish, Bertram w/c, 172 x 522mm, Pos. on the Teign, Dartmoor 495.00

Reginald Daniel Sherrin, Hey Tor, Dartmoor, gouache, 252 x 382mm, SOLD

Reginald Daniel Sherrin- Hey Tor- Dartmoor- Gouache
Sherrin, Reginald Daniel, gouache,
275 x 382mm, Dartmoor, SOLD
Sherrin Dartmoor

William Widgery, Figure on Horseback with cattle by a moorland river, watercolour, 262 x 418mm, SOLD

William Widgery-Figure on Horseback with cattle by a moorland river-Watercolour


Some sold items for your reference:

William Snell Morrish, Wallabrook near Chagford, watercolour, 290 x 450mm, SOLD

William Snell Morrish- Wallabrook near Chagford-Watercolour
Tom Rowden, Dartmoor Cattle, Watercolour
dated (18)98, 195 x 480mm, SOLD
Tom Rowden - Dartmoor Cattle
Walkhampton Church and Village from Peek Hill Dartmoor looking towards the Cornish Hills (Bodmin Moor) c. 1900
Watercolour, 150 x 200mm. SOLD
Walkhampton by Bertram Morrish

Reginald Daniel Sherrin, Dartmoor, gouache, 375 x 538mm, SOLD

Reginald Daniel Sherrin-Dartmoor-Gouache

Frederick John Widgery, Sheep on Dartmoor, gouache, 257 x 445mm, SOLD

Frederick John Widgery- Sheep on Dartmoor- Gouache

William Widgery, Moorland Waterfall, 530 x 355mm, SOLD

William Widgery - Waterfall

Bertram Morrish, Postbridge, Dartmoor, watercolour, 274 x 457mm, SOLD

Bertram Morrish- Postbridge- Dartmoor- Watercolour

Arthur Henry Enock, Passing Rain Dartmoor, Scorhill Down, Nr. Chagford, watercolour, 245 x 331mm, SOLD

Arthur Henry Enock- Passing Rain- Dartmoor- Scorhill Down- Nr Chagford- Watercolour

Frederick John Widgery, On the Rattlebrook, near Lydford, Dartmoor, watercolour, 222 x 400mm, SOLD

Frederick John Widgery- On the Rattlebrook, nearLydford- Dartmoor- Watercolour

Bertram Morrish, Heytor, watercolour, 185 x 257mm, SOLD

Bertram Morrish-Heytor-Watercolour

R. J. Lugg, Nr. Kestor Rocks, Dartmoor, watercolour and bodycolour, 130 x 200mm, SOLD

R J Lugg-Nr Kestor Rocks-Dartmoor-Warercolour and Bodycolour
Jenkins, George Henry, w/c, 225 x 395mm, On the Lyd, Dartmoor, SOLD G.H. Jenkins watercolou - On the Lyd Dartmoor

William Widgery, Angler on a Dartmoor river, watercolour, 252 x 355mm, SOLD

William Widgery- Angler on a Dartmoor river- Watercolour

William Widgery, Dartmoor River in Summer (Pos. Lyd), oil on canvas, 290 x 445mm, SOLD

River Lyd Dartmoor
William Widgery, Dartmoor River Possibly at Tavy Cleave, watercolour and bodycolour, 235 x 741mm, SOLD William Woidgery - Possibly Tavy Cleave Dartmoor

William Widgery, Possibly River Lyd with figures, watercolour, 500 x 700mm, SOLD

William Widgery possibly on the River Lyd

Frederick Foot, On the River Dart, near Holne Cot, Devon 1864, oil on board, original pierced gilt frame, 290 x 447mm, SOLD

Frederick Foot - Holne Cott on the Dart

Frederick John Widgery, Hamil Down, Dartmoor, gouache, 277 x 772mm, SOLD

F J Widgery - Hamil Down Dartmoor

B. Gray, Sheepstor, Burrator, Dartmoor, oil on board, 318 x 712mm, SOLD

Sheep on Burrator

Tom Rowden c.1900, Dartmoor Ponies, Crockern Tor and the River Dart, Princetown, watercolour, 202 x 285mm SOLD

Tom Rowden - Ponies at Rattlebrook Dartmoor

Samuel Cook, Plymouth Sound from the Dewerstone, watercolour, 354 x 548mm, SOLD

Samuel Cook- Plymouth Sound From the DewerStone- Watercolour

Herbert William Hicks, Yes Tor, Okehampton, gouache, 176 x 260mm, SOLD

Herbert William Hicks- Yes Tor- Okehampton- Gouache

Bertram Morrish, Dartmoor possibly near Chagford, watercolour, 280 x 456mm, SOLD

Bertram Morrish-Dartmoor possibly near Chagford-Watercolour

Frederick John Widgery, Fir Tor, Dartmoor, gouache, 276 x 452mm, SOLD

Frederick John Widgery- Fir Tor- Dartmoor- Gouache

Frederick John Widgery, Dartmoor, gouache, 590 x 442mm, SOLD

Frederick John Widgery- Dartmoor- Gouache

English School, Moorland Bridge,  watercolour, 197 x 295mm, SOLD

Moorland Bridge Watercolour
Sherrin, R. D. gouache, 254 x 375, Dartmoor. SOLD F. J. Widgery
Enoch, Arthur Henry, w/c,
213 x 515mm, Dartmoor, SOLD
Sherrin, Reginald Daniel, Antique watercolour picture - Dartmoor
250 x 375mm, SOLD
Trevor, G., w/c, 246 x 350mm, Dartmoor Landscape, SOLD
Sherrin, R. D. gouache, 308 x 505mm, Nr. Princetown, Dartmoor. SOLD
Jenkins, George Henry w/c, 269 x 490mm, Merrivale Bridge, Dartmoor, SOLD
Morrish, William Snell w/c, 170 x 470mm, Dartmoor pos. River Teign, SOLD

Rowden, Tom, Antique watercolour picture - Belstone Tor Dartmoor
200 x 380mm, SOLD

Antique watercolour picture  - Dartmoor by Tom Rowden
Rowden, Tom, Antique watercolour picture - Blackhaven Brook, Dartmoor with ponies 200 x 380mm, SOLD Antique Watercolour picture  - Dartmoor Ponies by Tom Rowden

Sherrin, Reginald Daniel, gouache,
275 x 382mm, Dartmoor, SOLD

Sherrin, Reginald Daniel, gouache,
275 x 382mm, Dartmoor, SOLD
Widgery, Frederick John - Gouache, Oke Tor Bluebells (Dartmoor ),
343 x 495mm, 13.5 x 19.5", SOLD
F J Widgery - Bluebells Dartmoor
Widgery, Frederick John - Gouache, West Mill Tor nr Okehampton,
252 x 352mm, 10 x 14" SOLD
Frederick John Widgery - West Mill Tor nr Okehampton
Widgery, Frederick John - Gouache, Steperton Tor, Taw Marsh - Dartmoor, 275 x 455mm, 11 x 18"
Frederick John Widgery - Steperton Tor, Taw Marsh - Dartmoor
Widgery, Frederick John - Gouache, The Moors Near Belstone, Dartmoor,
245 x 350mm, 9.75 x 13.75", SOLD
Widgery - Belstone
Widgery, William watercolour - P0ssibly The River Lyd, 714 x 434mm, 28 x 17", SOLD William Widgery watercolour - P0ssibly The River Lyd


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Antique Moorland Landscape Pictures and Painting - Dartmoor and Exmoor

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