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Sizes approximately 13.5 x 8", 342 x 203mm.
Unframed chromolithograph prints unless otherwise stated.
These are original antique prints we do not sell reproductions.

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Cricket - Edward Wentworth Dillon, 1913, OWL, The most rare of all Vanity Fair Cricket prints, £2495.00 Edward Wentworth Dillon - Original Vanity Fair Print
Cricket, 'Cricket', W. G. Grace, 1877, Spy, Chromolithograph, £395.00 W. G. Grace Original Vanity Fair Print
Cricket,'Forty-six centuries in eleven years', J. T. Tyldesley - Lancashire County Cricketer, 1906, Spy, Photo Litho, £145.00 Vanity Fair Lancashire Cricketer
Cricket,''SAMMY' By 'STUFF', Aug. 8th 1892 Mr. Samuel Moses James Woods, Chromolithograph, £145.00 Original Vanity Fair Print - Cricketer - Sammy
Cricket, 'an artful bowler', B. J. T. Bosanquet, 1904, Spy, Chromolithograph, £185.00 Spy Cricketer print - Bosanquet
Cricket, 'Plum', Pelham F. Warner, 1903, Spy, Chromolithograph, SOLD Plum - Vanity Fair Cricket
Cricket, 'A Big Hitter ', Andrew Ernest Stoddart, 1892, Jehu Junior, Chromolithograph, £155.00 Cricketr by Spy - A Big Hitter
Cricket, ' I Zingari ' , John Loraine Baldwin, 1895, Spy, Chromolithograph, £30.00 Cricket - Spy Print
Golf - John Henry Taylor, 1906, Vanity Fair print by SPY, £295.00 Vanity Fair Golf Print by Spy - Golf Memorabilia
Golf, 'Jimmy', James Braid, 1907, Spy, Photo Litho, £295.00 Vanity Fair Golf Print - Jimmy by SPY
Hunting, 'Long Burns', Captain Tommy Burns-Hartopp, 1900, Cuthbert Bradley, chromolithograph, £ 65.00 Burns - Master of the Quorn Hunt
Horse Racing, Jockey, 'Frank Wotton', 1909 , Spy, Photolithograph, £75.00 Frank Wotton Jockey - original Vanity Fair print by Spy
Horse Racing, Minoru, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Horse raciing - Race horse prints from Vanity Fair
Horse Racing, DeanSwift, by Percy Earl , Photolithograph, 1909, £95.00 Original Vanity Fair print - Horse Racing - Dean Swift
Horse Racing, Jockey, 'Mr. Abington', G. A. Baird, 1888, Spy, Chromolithograph, £90.00 Jockey - Horse Racing
Legal - Barrister - JP, 'Hutchy', C. C. Hutchinson KC, 1911, Ape Junior, Photo Litho, £55.00 Vanity Fair Barrister - Legal - Law
Hunting, Vanity Fair print by Spy, "Mr. Hargreaves" , 1887, £55.00 Hunting - Vanity Fair print by Spy - Hargreaves
Legal - Barrister, Vanity Fair print by Atn, "Serjeant Ballantine", 1870, SOLD Barrister - Legal print
Legal - Lawyer - EDGCUMBE Sir Edward Robert Pearce LLD DL JP. By Spy. 'Small freeholds'. 1908 - £35.00 Educated King's College Cambridge. Lawyer. Artist. Banking. Company chairman. Mayor of Dorchester in 1891. £35.00 Sir Robert Edgecumbe - Lawyer - Mayor of Dorchester - Vanity Fair print by Spy
Legal - Lawyer - Judge, ' A Scots Lawyer' The Baron Shand, 1903, Spy, £60.00 Scottish Lawyer
Military, 'Composite Regiment', Col. Audley Dallas Neeld, 1900, Cloister, £40.00 Vanity Fair - Army Officer
Peers, Lady Dorothy Nevill, 1908, Who, Photo Litho, £15.00 Female Portrait
Royalty, 'S. M. Alfonso XIII', King of Spain, 1906, Guth, £29.95 King of Spain Alphonso
Politics - MP for Leeds. 'a Chief Secretary'. Spy 1896, £30.00 MP for Leeds
Rowing - Mr Charles Murray, ' O.U.B.C.', 1895, Spy, £80.00 Oxford University Rowing Club
Royalty, 'Queen of Spain', HRH Victoria Eugene of Batternburg, 1906, Leslie Ward, £20.00 Queen of Spain by Leslie Ward
Rugby Union - Mr. G. Rowland Hill, 1890, Spy, £40.00 Rugby Union

Some sold items for your reference:

Police, 'Parliamentary Police', Inspector E. Denning, 1884, Ape, SOLD Policeman
Roller Skating - Politics, 'The Philanthropist', Mr. Herbert Praed MP, 1874, Ape, SOLD Roller Skating
Horse Racing, 'The Hatter', William Crawford-Stirling-Stuart, 1904, Spy, SOLD Horse racing
Cricket, 'Hampshire ', Capt. Edward Wynyard, 1898, CG, Chromolithograph, SOLD Cricket Print - Vanity Fair - Hampshire
Cricket, ' W. W. ', Walter William Read, Surrey CCC, 1888, LIB, Chromolithograph, SOLD Cricketer Print Vanity Fair
Cricket - Edward Wentworth Dillon, 1913, OWL, SOLD Edward Wentworth Dillon - Original Vanity Fair Print
Aviation, 'the Deutsch Prize', Alberto Santos Dumont, 1901, Geo. Hum, SOLD Santos Dumont
Cricket, 'The Demon Bowler', Frederick William Spofforth, 1878, Spy, Chromolithograph, SOLD Demon Bowler by Spy
Cricket, 'Charlie', Colin Blythe, 1910, Jehu Junior, Photo Litho, SOLD Cricket - Charlie
Horse Racing, Jockey, 'Rick', Fred Rickaby, 1901, Spy, Chromolithograph, SOLD Fred Rickaby
Horse Racing, Jockey, 'Top of the List', William Higgs, 1906, Spy, Photo Litho, SOLD Jockey
Military, 'Military Music', Col. Barrington-Foote, 1905, Spy, SOLD Spy Military Music
Clergy, 'Chester Square', Rev. Arthur Robbins, 1899, Spy, SOLD Spy Print Clergy
Clergy, 'The Sub-Dean', Rev. Canon Edgar Sheppard D.D., 1911, Ape Junior, Photo Litho, SOLD Vanity Fair - Clergy
Clergy, 'The Soldier's Bishop', Rev. Arthur Robins,1897, Spy, SOLD Spy Print - Bishop
Education, 'St. Paul's School', Frederick William Walker, 1901, Spy, SOLD School Teacher Master
Fencing, 'Cold Steel', Captain Alfred Hutton, 1903, Jest, SOLD Vanity Fair Print Fencing
Fly Fishing, 'The Postmaster General', The Rt. Hon. Sydny Buxton MP, 1907, Spy, Photo Litho, SOLD Fly Fishing - Angling
Horse Racing, 'The Hatter', William Crawford-Stirling-Stuart, 1904, Spy, SOLD Horse racing
Horse Racing, Turf Accountant, 'Kempton', Sir Seymour Berkley Portman-Dalton JP, 1903, Cloister, SOLD Turf Accountant
Horse Racing, 'A Lucky Owner', Mr. W. Hall Walker MP, 1906, Spy, photo-litho, SOLD Spy Print Horse Racing
Jockey - Horse Racing, , 'Mr. George', Mr. George James Thursby, 1907, Spy, Photo Litho, SOLD Spy Print - Jockey
Legal - Barrister - JP, 'Hutchy', C. C. Hutchinson KC, 1911, Ape Junior, Photo Litho, SOLD Vanity Fair Barrister - Legal - Law
Pilot-Aviation, 'Claudie', Claude Grahame-White, 1911, Tec, Photo Litho, SOLD Vanity Fair Print - Pilot Aviation
Legal - Lawyer - 'The Concilliator', Sir George R. Askwith , 1911,'WH', SOLD Vanity Fair - Lawyer - Solicitor
Military, 'Chelsea Hospital', Field Marshal Sir Henry Wylie Norman, 1903, Spy, SOLD Spy Print Soldier - Army
Ice Skating, 'Old Wares', Marquis of Claricarde, 1900, Spy, SOLD Spy Print  Ice Skating MP
Legal-Judge, 'Bow Street', R. H. Bullock Marsham, 1905, Spy, SOLD Vanity Fair Judge
Military, Legal, 'Julian', Gen. Sir Julian Hamilton Hall, 1898, Spy, SOLD Soldier
Military, Peer, A Peninsular Veteran', Marquis of Tweedale, 1876, Ape, SOLD War Veteran
Military, 'Tirah', Gen. Sir William Stephen Alexander Lock Hart KLB, 1898, Spy, Photo Litho, SOLD Army
Politics, 'Birth, Behaviour and Business', Her Majesty's Opposition, 1881, T, SOLD Her Majestys Opposition - Politicians
Politician, 'Clapham', Percy Melville Thornton MP, 1900, Spy, SOLD Politician
Politician, 'Sammy', Samuel Smith MP, 1904, Spy, SOLD Spy print
Politician, 'Thanet', Right Hon. James Lowthere MP, 1900, Spy, SOLD Vantiy Fair Print
Rowing, 'A Celebrated Oarsman', George D. Rowe, 1906, Spy, Photo Litho, SOLD Rowing caricature by Spy

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